Bob LuPone, who helped to lead the MCC Theater, has died at the age of 76

Bob LuPone
Bob LuPone

Bob LuPone, who helped to lead the MCC Theater, has died at the age of 76

Bob LuPone is the brother of Broadway legend Patti LuPone, died after three years of battle with cancer.

Bob LuPone, who as an actor was awarded an Tony Award nomination in the first run of ‘A Chorus Line”.

He also played the role of Tony Soprano’s family doctor and helped establish and manage the renowned off-Broadway theatre firm MCC Theater for almost 40 years, passed away. He was 76.

LuPone is the brother of Broadway legend Patti LuPone, died Saturday following a three-year battle against pancreatic cancer, as reported by Matt Ross Public Relations.

The MCC Theater community mourns the loss of our beloved and incredibly inspirational colleague, partner and dear friend Bob LuPone, who lived in complete freedom and with a great deal of curiosity with a sense of humor, endless love for connections and a heart.

Bob LuPone
Bob LuPone

We will miss him dearly and forever as we will always be grateful to him,” the theatre company stated in an announcement.

LuPone’s first job as a professional was in 1966 in the the Westbury Music Festival’s version”The Pajama Games” featuring Liza Minnelli.

LuPone had his Broadway debut in the production of the Noel Coward musical Sweet Potato”.

Later, he was seen in “Minnie’s Boys,”” “The Rothschilds” and “The Magic Show.”

LuPone was originally chosen to play Al in the film A Chorus Line however,

he persuaded producer and writer Michael Bennett to let him play Zach after the actor who played Zach had left.

LuPone could earn a top actor in the role Tony award in the character.

“Our deepest sympathies go on behalf of the Lupone family”, wrote Betty Buckley on Twitter.

Born at the age of 46 and raised in Brooklyn, New York, LuPone graduated from The Juilliard School with a bachelor’s degree in dance in the year 1968.

He taught an acting class in New York University when one of his students was Bernie Telsey.

Bob LuPone
Bob LuPone

Together, they helped in the formation of Manhattan Class Company in 1986 Today, it is known by the name of MCC Theater.

LuPone, Telsey along with the third artistic director Will Cantler shaped MCC into an artistic powerhouse that produced shows that were Broadway-ready,

such as Frozen The Story of a Girl,” Reasons to Be Pretty”, Hand to God,”School Girls” or the African Mean Girls Play, The Snow Geese”The Other Place” and the Pulitzer Prize- winning “Wit.”

In addition to his role as co-artistic directors at MCC, LuPone also worked as an actor. He was featured in A View From the Bridge”True West,” and A Thousand Clowns which are all on Broadway.

He appeared present at The Chicago premiere of the Sam Shepard play The Tooth of the Crime” and on TV , he appeared in Sex and the City”” Guiding Light,’ and All My Kids and All My Children” for which he was awarded an Daytime Emmy nomination.


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