2022 Happy Mother’s Day Today Latest Updates: How Foster and Adoptive Families Observe Mother’s Day

The role of a mother can look like many different ways. You don't have to share blood

Mother's Day can be difficult for the adoption and foster care communities. There's no script on how to confess to your child's birth mom, or how to explain to your adoptive mom why you're sad at Mother's Day brunch

You won't find chocolates for the birth parents, cards for adoptive parents still grieving the loss of a pregnancy, bears for adopters who miss their birth mother, or fathers. There is no banner for the families headed by

And some moms-to-be are often overlooked—particularly birth mothers who aren't actively parenting and parenting, whose babies are only temporarily in their care

But Mother's Day can also be a joyous day for adoptive and foster parents, birth parents and adoptees whose many families were built against all odds. Here are some reflections on Mother's Day, as told by a birth mother, a foster mother, an adoptive mother, and an adoptive mother

I'm a birth mother, but I also work in adoption, and I tell every single birth parent that Mother's Day sucks—it's the worst day of the year

People won't know what to say, or whether to accept you. And if you're not parenting your child, will you really be struggling as a mom?

I personally celebrate Mother's Day, but I don't do much. People will say "Happy Mother's Day" to me, and my husband and I can go out and do an activity for the day. But it never turns out to be something big

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