2022 Latest Barry Season 3: Anthony Carrigan on What Makes Hank so Lovable

HBO dark comedy Barry is back! And that means more adventures of the show’s funniest (and most surprisingly affecting) character Noho Hank

Like many other series, the excellent HBO dark comedy about a Midwestern hitman who moves to L.A. and catches the acting bug experienced delays due to the coronavirus pandemic

According to star D’Arcy Carden, the cast had scripts ready and was assembling to table-read mere weeks before the entertainment industry shut down in early 2020

With the extra time off, the shows’ creators and producers Bill Hader (who also stars as the titular hitman) and Alec Berg fine tuned their scripts, dotting every “I”, crossing every “T” and creating a more subtle, efficient, and streamlined season of television

So what does a fully optimized season of Barry look like? Based on the season 3 premiere, which just premiered April 24 on HBO: pretty gosh darn dark

It’s not that Barry Berkman a.k.a. Barry Block was ever a warm, cuddly dude. He’s been in the business of killing since the series first began

But the season 3 version of Barry is less human than ever before. In fact, despite accessing some of his emotions through the art of stagecraft, Barry seems to be regressing

Utterly incapable of reacting to his live-in girlfriend Sally, Barry spends his days browsing Craigslist-esque hitman sites, killing people for paltry sums, and then being haunted by the specters of bullet-wounds in heads after

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