2022 Pulitzer Prize Big Breaking News: Pulitzer Prize in History Awarded to NYU’s Nicole Eustace and Ada Ferrer

New York University historians Nicole Eustace and Ada Ferrer have been jointly awarded the 2022 Pulitzer Prize in History for their respective works—Eustace’s "Covered with Night: A Story of Murder and Indigenous Justice in Early America" and Ferrer’s "Cuba: An American History"

Covered with Night recounts a 1722 killing of an Indigenous hunter by two white fur traders in Conestoga, Pa., while Cuba: An American Story is a comprehensive history of Cuba’s complex ties to the United States

“With Covered With Night, Eustace takes us deep into the cultural worlds and worldviews of early 18th-century native peoples of the Susquehanna Valley,” says Pulitzer Board member Tommie Shelby, a professor at Harvard University

“In an examination of a confrontation between indigenous peoples’ conceptions of justice and English law used by colonial settlers, we find extraordinary research skill, particularly with the deft handling of indigenous languages, gripping storytelling, and elegant writing.”

“Ada Ferrer, a leading historian of Cuba, provides a succinct yet wide-ranging history of U.S.-Cuba relations from the point of view of the island and its inhabitants,” Shelby adds

“It is full of memorable vignettes, beginning with the fact that Christopher Columbus made landfall on the island and not on the North American continent, as is usually assumed

The themes of anti-Black racism, slavery and slave rebellion, imperialism, revolution, the Cold War, land and labor exploitation, and the quest for national self-determination are all seamlessly integrated into a compelling, fast-moving, and vivid narrative

While Ferrer’s award-winning book covers 500 years of Cuba’s history, she offers a particular focus on Fidel Castro, the 1959 revolution, and the perceptions of many Americans that stem from its aftermath

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