Augusta Realtor Venus Morris Griffin goes viral on Instagram sharing story of abuse, survival

You may have seen giant billboards blacked out with only a white letter “V” in the middle while driving around Augusta

The woman behind the ‘V’ billboards is Augusta Realtor Venus Morris Griffin and she’s going viral on Instagram sharing her inspiring story of survival

Venus is sharing her story through a series of 13 posts featured on the Humans of New York Instagram page

She shares the story of how she fell in love with Tripp Morris, married him, had a family with him and found herself living out a nightmare. She begins her first post saying, “You’d think I hate him, but I can’t

Because I loved him. Everyone did. I can’t tell you how many people pulled me aside, and said: ‘You are married to the greatest man

The same post ends with Tripp in prison and Venus just beginning to tell her story of what was to come

Through the series of posts, Venus describes her life with Tripp and then discovering he was living a double life and would later be found guilty on many charges including child molestation

John (Tripp) Morris III is currently serving 45 years in prison for two charges of aggravated child molestation

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