Cheaper by the Dozen Movie Review 2022

This latest version of “Cheaper by the Dozen” claims in the opening credits to be based on the classic 1948 book by two (equal to one-sixth) of the children of pioneering “motion study” (efficiency) engineers Frank and Lillian Gilbreth

The charm of the book and the 1950 film and its sequel were based in part on the way the Gilbreths used their theories of efficiency to raise their 12 children in the early 20th century

The book also had my all-time favorite dedication, which I will quote at the end of this review

As Roger Ebert, also a fan of the book, pointed out, the 2003 film by that name and its 2005 sequel jettisoned everything but the number of children, with a modern-day story about a college football coach played by Steve Martin

Those films were sitcom-ish but mildly amusing. Like a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy, this third attempt at creating family entertainment from the chaos of a wildly outnumbered mother and dad bears only the faintest connection not just to the real-life family but to any family, or indeed any humans or even any sitcom versions of humans

The latest "Cheaper by the Dozen" is worse than formulaic; it is lazy and condescending to its audience

Its storyline combines the sugary sentiments of a Hallmark Christmas movie (people are happier in shabby houses than big fancy houses

even though they come with bedrooms for everyone, a working clothes dryer, and an elevator for a family member in a wheelchair) and the humor level of a basic cable show from the '90s. Much of the intended humor comes from faux precocious comments by children

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