Colorado Avalanche Update 2022: As the Colorado Avalanche prepare for the Stanley Cup Final, fans old and new move toward to keep custom alive

Stephanie Folk was once only a fun-lovin' school kid stuffing her face brimming with octopus limbs

She did it as a component of a radio broadcast giveaway so that tickets might be able to see the Colorado Avalanche face their archrivals, the Detroit Red Wings, in the 2002 Stanley Cup end of the season games

It's for some time been a practice for Red Wings fans to toss dead octopuses on the ice during season finisher games

so the entire octopus topic here really isn't too odd - OK, indeed, perhaps it actually is

Yet, tossing an octopus is a certain something. It's a completely separate encounter having one in your mouth for a few hours

"The challenge was to hold an octopus limb in your mouth however long you could," reviewed Folk, who experienced childhood in Arvada, yet presently lives out in Haxtun, on Colorado's Eastern Plains

From time to time, "we would get a break and get to remove [the tentacle] from our mouth

In this way, we'd have a speedy smoke and go, 'alright, here we go,' and hydrate and chug it down, then, at that point, return to and set it back inside our mouth

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