Deep Water Movie Online 2022: Beneath the smooth surface of the waters

On the surface, Vic and Melinda form, with their daughter Trixie, a perfect family

They are rich, handsome, and they hang out with lots of other people who are just as rich and handsome as they are. Except that, for a while now, the relationship between the spouses has gone from stagnant to toxic

while he tortures her with his indifference, she torments him with a very public succession of lovers. Then, here that, during a party, Vic entrusts to the fop of the moment that he killed his predecessor

Tense, this passage was first imagined in literature by the great Patricia Highsmith before being taken up in cinema by Michel Deville, and now by Adrian Lyne, who makes a return with Deep Water (Deep Waters) after two decades of absence

For the record, we owe this English director a host of seminal films of the 1980s, such as Flashdance (Le feu de la danse), 9½ Weeks (9½ weeks) and Fatal Attraction (Fatal Liaison), which popularized the genre of erotic thriller

In this case, Deep Water summons the both aestheticizing and uninhibited lasciviousness of these productions

No, the filmmaker has lost none of his taste for stylized lighting combined with effects of smoke, rain or other mist

Whatever one thinks, the fact remains that Adrian Lyne has a signature which, at 81, remains perfectly identifiable. Respect

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