Happy Easter 2022 – Looking Back At A Bunny Hop Or Two At Disneyland

Happy Easter! Wishing you and yours a wonderful day however you celebrate! One of the ways Disneyland has celebrated Easter in the past is with the Bunny Hop

This came in a couple of different forms. Today, let’s take a moment to look back at two iterations of the Bunny Hop at Disneyland

In 2013 the Bunny Hop came to Main Street, USA. Many of the Disney bunnies made an appearance on Main Street along with the Easter Bunny, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, the Dapper Dans, and other performers

This was a part of what was billed as the Spring Fling at Disneyland. The Dapper Dans sang other songs as the group made its way onto Main Street

Then guests were invited to join in dancing the Bunny Hop. This was a charming and festive way to celebrate Easter at Disneyland

Over at Disney California Adventure, Carl Fredrickson donned his Easter Bunny ears to help celebrate the holiday

The following year, the Bunny Hop was moved to Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree and took on a more Western theme

This would continue for a couple of years and was then called the Springtime Roundup

This folksy approach to an Easter celebration was a lot of fun with a different feel than on Main Street. Different characters joined the Bunny Hop on different days and sets

Around Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree there were beautifully decorated Easter Eggs to be found. Some of them could even be seen as “Easter Eggs” for when the area would become Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

In recent years, the Easter Bunny has continued to make appearances on Main Street, USA for Easter

The Bunny Hop, however, has not made a return recently. Neither has Pluto in his Easter Bunny ears. The Bunny Hop is a lovely memory of a magical offering at Disneyland

Do you remember the different iterations of the Bunny Hop at Disneyland? What was your favorite version of it? Share your thoughts and memories in the comments below!

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