Kingdom Hearts 4 Latest Updates 2022: Breaking down the new announcement trailer

Holy smokes, what a thing to wake up to! Square Enix held its Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event in Tokyo and during it they announced Kingdom Hearts 4. Yes, the next main installment in the beloved action RPG franchise

Unfortunately, the trailer only exists with Japanese voiceover, but thankfully Square released it with English subtitles so we have a better understanding of what’s going on. Let’s get right into the trailer before we break down everything we see and start theorizing

It begins with a title referring to Kingdom Hearts 4 as “The Lost Master Arc,” suggesting a move away from the Xehanort Saga

We’re going back deep into Kingdom Hearts’ complicated lore for this as The Master of Masters is a Keyblade Master, appearing in Kingdom Hearts X, who wrote the Book of Prophecies and trained six apprentices. We got a brief look at the Master of Masters in the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3

The trailer begins with a brief glimpse at some sort of modern city with a graphical style unlike any we’ve seen from Kingdom Hearts. Then there’s the line

If this isn’t the ending you desire – if it brings you despair – then leave this world for another. Your options are endless

This seems to reference the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3 and, again, we get the usual Kingdom Hearts verbiage talking about your heart and soul, and being guided by fate

This is an ongoing theme in the Kingdom Hearts series so nothing too surprising

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