Liverpool surge to 9-0 victory over Bournemouth to tie the Premier League record, kick-start the season

Liverpool vs Bournemouth 2022

Liverpool have finally won an win in the Premier League this season in the most eloquent way

Five goals scored during the first half when they beat Bournemouth 9-0 in the first-half at Anfield at the Anfield on Saturday

Jurgen Klopp demanded an immediate reaction from his team that were 16th at the beginning of the match after having been held to draws by Fulham

as well as Crystal Palace as well as and Crystal Palace, as well as a 2-1 defeat against Manchester United on Monday, and Liverpool did not disappoint

with Luiz Diaz with Luiz Diaz Harvey Elliott netting inside 10 minutes

Trent Alexander-Arnold as well as Roberto Firmino scored a quick-fire double just before the half-hour mark

Before Virgil van Dijk struck on the half-time whistle in a highly one-sided match

Liverpool took up the pace they left during the 2nd half

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