Louisville Women's Basketball Live Stream: Louisville women's basketball continues to find success under Jeff Walz

WICHITA, Kan. —The University of Louisville women's basketball team is playing in its fourth straight Elite Eight on Monday night when it faces Michigan at 9 p.m. Eastern in Wichita, Kansas

The success is nothing new for the Cardinals since Jeff Walz was hired as head coach in March of 2007

"It's been fun," Walz said. "For our program, you know, it's -- a lot has changed for the fact of in '09 no one really — I got hired in '07-'08 was my first year, then '08-'09, and the goal was to get to a Sweet 16

And our first year we got to a Sweet 16. It was a big deal, it was an exciting time at Louisville. And then in year two with Angel and Candyce and Des Byrd and Becky Burke, Monique Reid, just to name a few of those kids on that team, I think we kind of shocked everybody, and we get to a Final Four

Overall, Walz has led the Cardinals to three Final Four appearances. The most recent one came in 2018

"Our program has been built on honesty because I tell our kids all the time, and Angel will tell you, I go into halftime our Oklahoma game, and I can remember Rebecca Lobo was the sideline reporter," Walz said

"She was kind enough to flip her heels off so she wasn't so much taller than I was and she asked me about Angel and I said she was terrible, that's the worst half of basketball I've seen her play and if she continues to play this way, we have no chance

People were appalled. I can't believe you would say that about a kid. I can't believe you would say that about a player. What's wrong with the truth? See, we speak the truth. When I got into halftime I told Angel, I said, Angel, they asked me about you

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