McDonald’s temporarily closing restaurants in Russia in response to Ukraine invasion

McDonald’s Corp said on Tuesday it would temporarily close its restaurants in Russia

becoming the latest Western company to halt all operations in the country following the invasion of Ukraine

The fast-food chain said it would continue to pay salaries to its 62,000 employees in Russia

Major global brands, including McDonald’s and PepsiCo Inc., have been pressured by a number of bodies, including New York State’s pension fund, to halt their operations in Russia

Companies still in Russia – Sonnenfeld has identified more than 35 companies that still have “significant risk” in Russia

Many businesses like Burger King and Nestle have become targets on social media where they face boycott calls

McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and KFC were also a target, but the protests they faced due to the shutdown of operations in the country must now end

Sherri Zak of Halifax said she has reached out to a number of targeted companies on social media and sometimes by personal emails to demand her exit from Russia

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