Michigan Basketball: Facts From Major Wins Over Michigan State

On Tuesday night, Michigan basketball took part in a thrilling in-state rivalry game against Michigan State that was important to both teams

After Sunday's loss to the Wolverines from Illinois, Michigan needed to add another win to their resume for their tournament hopes

Michigan Basketball also sought revenge against the neighboring Spartans, who defeated the Wolverines earlier this season

Coming to Tuesday's matchup, one of the most important factors in Michigan's season was the absence of Juan Howard

Howard has been suspended for the rest of the regular season after a Wisconsin assistant coach was slapped in a courtroom dispute last week

Although it was only a five-game penalty, this segment of games is crucial to Michigan's NCAA Tournament hopes

The Wolverines went to none other than Phil Martelli — a three-year assistant to Juan Howard at Michigan and former head coach at St

At St. Joseph's, Martelli won nearly 450 games and several conference titles, conference tournament titles, and finished in the top five once in his five seasons

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Michigan Basketball Today Latest Updates