Moon Knight Episode 1 Review: The Goldfish Problem

Moon Knight Episode 1: Moon Knight episode 1 does a fairly decent job of introducing the MCU's most complex character yet, but some nuance has been lost in the transition from page to screen

Moon Knight is Marvel Studios’ biggest gamble yet on Disney+. Yes, it’s the first one of these pricey series to be led by a character completely new to the MCU

but that character is also a complex and often downright impenetrable one, beloved by his Marvel Comics fans and occasionally mocked by those who consider him to be Marvel’s much less cool version of Batman

Well, we get precisely zero Batman vibes in this first episode of the new Disney+ show, where we meet the painfully uncool Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac in his element), a timid British museum gift shop employee who thinks he has a sleep disorder

Steven ties himself to his bed every night and seals the door so he can check that he hasn’t been wandering the streets of London during his slumber

He’s still exhausted, though, and regularly gets into hot water at work for being late and having ideas above his station

Steven is passionate about ancient Egypt, and seems to be by all accounts a lovely man on the verge of starting a romance with a beautiful co-worker who he doesn’t even remember asking out

At one point, Steven voices his concerns aloud: “If I’m going to have a girlfriend at some point, obviously I can’t have ankle restraints on my bed, can I? That’s the definition of a red flag,” which got my first big laugh

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