Piece of Her 2022: A Netflix mystery assembles around Toni Collette's mom with a past

"Piece of Her" 2022: Assembles one of those short-lived thrillers that Netflix works on in abundance, teasing a fairly disposable mystery that's enough to bring you to the end

The twisty mother-daughter storyline, adapted from Karin Slaughter's bestselling novel, operates on a twin timeline, a format that is certainly all the rage

Perhaps most important, the project serves as a showcase for Toni Collette, opening in a small town in Georgia where her character, Laura Oliver, raises her eldest daughter Andy (Bella Heathcote) on her own

Then, suddenly, in a jiffy, a troubled young man starts shooting for the diner where they are having lunch

Laura springs into action to save her child, revealing a side of her mother that stuns Andy

Still, this is the first of many surprises, as Laura avoids media attention for her heroism, which, as it turns out, risks uncovering her complicated past, giving Andy the secrets she needs. Sends you down a strange rabbit hole to uncover

Directed by Minky Spiro, "Piece of Her" cuts back and forth between Laura's younger days and the present, tracing shadowy figures as Andy begins to peel back the various layers

These include younger Laura's deteriorating family situation, her overbearing father (Terry O'Quinn), and an earlier mother-daughter dynamic that may now help explain their thorny relationship

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