Pittsburgh Penguins Today Latest Updates 2022: The Pittsburgh Penguins issues are easily fixable in Game 7

Penguins issues can be fixed in Game 7: The Pittsburgh Penguins lost 5-3 in Game 6, forcing Game 7 at Madison Square Garden. The bad news is that the Penguins have had two chances to eliminate Rangers and have failed both times

The good news is that the Penguins did just as much to defeat themselves as the Rangers did to win. And it is a fixable issue

We've learned over the last two games that, even without some of their best players, the Penguins have the formula to beat the Rangers

In both games, the Penguins came out of the gate with an effective game plan that put them in a 2-0 lead. He didn't do much better than the Rangers in that period, but he played mistake-free hockey and took what was given to him

The Penguins did a great job of keeping Rangers out of the crease in the defensive zone in both opening periods, allowing Louis Domingue to rely on him to see the coming shots and suppress any second chances

The first period of Game 5 and Game 6 provided a road map to victory for the Penguins. They just need to follow

The problem for Penguin in these elimination games comes after the opening frame. The second period has been the most important as 26 of the 50 goals in this series have been scored in the middle frame. The Penguins have been at the wrong end of that period in both elimination games in this series

Even before Ivan Rodrigues' rough call, the Penguins were on their heels from the puck drop. Late in the first period, they were ahead with the departure of Brian Boyle, one of the Penguins' top penalty killers. Once Rodrigues took that penalty, the door was open for Rangers

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