Poole Party Today Latest News 2022:  Poole party March best month for third-year guard

SAN FRANCISCO — Jordan Poole wasn’t fazed when Chris Paul tried chirping him during Wednesday’s game against the Phoenix Suns

Jordan Poole has caught the attention of the entire league this month. By the time CP3 got into his ear, Poole had already found his groove and locked in

“It was a little bit too late if he was trying to get me going,” Poole said after the 107-103 loss at Chase Center. “I feel like I was already going a little bit.” Yeah, just a little bit

Poole sparked life into the Warriors’ offense after the Suns jumped to an early 12-2 lead, scoring 15 points in the first quarter as he helped the team rebound from an 11-point deficit

All said and done, he recorded a season-high 38 points, which tied his career high set last May. He also grabbed a career-high-typing nine rebounds and dished out seven assists

Playing alongside Poole Wednesday gave Draymond Green a sense of nostalgia. In the first quarter, Green passed to a cutting Poole and set a screen as the third-year guard launched a three

“It felt so normal, like clockwork,” Green said. “The reality is I think he’s just learning. He’s learning how to make the game easier for himself. One thing we know and the world knows now is he can score the basketball, he can get any shot he wants

“Get off the ball, keep moving and the ball will find you again, and he’s getting better at that and now you look at how he’s moving without the ball and then at some point you add Steph Curry’s movement back without the ball and that’s dangerous. So I thought it was a step in the right direction

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