Review: ‘Severance’ Season One – A Head-splitter of an Entrance

Ben Stiller wouldn’t be the first name you’d run to when you’re thinking of a workplace thriller with this premise

Severance, an elective surgical procedure at Lumon Industries to split your work memories and keep them contained away separately from your personal ones once you clock out

Adam Scott leads as Mark Scout, a depressed, alcoholic widow who elects to take on the surgery to help numb the pain from the recent loss of his wife Gemma

By the time we join Mark, he’s been severed a while judging by his daily routine and physical awards on his desk for accomplishments as a Data Refiner

I found myself enthralled over three days and did nothing but absorb this entire show in one go

What is a Data Refiner? That’s a great question, we will get to that. I watched all nine episodes as soon as they were available to me

The show discussions on the subreddit have been incredible and as of this writing, Variety has confirmed that it will be renewed for a second season

With that out of the way, here are my thoughts (and some spoilers) on Severance. In any job, you have coworkers, and Mark’s coworkers are a cut above the rest in terms of casting

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