Russian Doll Season 2 Ending Explained 2022

Russian Doll is accustomed to dismantling reality in its season finales, but there are lessons to be learned when things are put right

Let’s not kid ourselves; the “ending explained” part of this article’s headline is nothing if not ambitious when it comes to a show like Russian Doll, and this is particularly true of its second season

Implying that there’s an explanation to be gleaned goes against every lesson Nadia and Alan learn in the course of the seven episodes

If there’s any resolution at all in the finale, it’s that the time traveling pair have once again learned a little bit about why they are who they are and come that much closer to self-acceptance

That being said, the descent into the genuinely surreal does warrant some exploration. There are plenty of paradoxes in Russian Doll season 2, but none break reality quite like Nadia removing her infant self from the 80s, presumably to prevent the traumatic upbringing the younger her will experience (has experienced)

But why does this particular bit of meddling create such chaos even when none of her other attempts at change had any effect?

The answer lies with the acquisition of the krugerrands. Once Nadia realized that the family valuables she reclaimed from the Nazis led directly to the trade for the gold coins, she knew that her interference in the past actually caused the circumstances she remembered rather than changing anything

It’s a “closed loop,” she later tells Alan, also known as an ontological paradox, but because cause leads to effect and back to cause again, it’s a self-contained circle. Such causal loops don’t really interfere with reality around them; they just create confusing temporal relationships

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