So You Thought BTS Was Going on Break? LOL

It all happened so fast. Off the back of their anthology album’s release, BTS shared a prerecorded dinner with the fans

Amidst a delicious-looking display of shrimp and meat and side dishes, the boys announced that they were taking a break from making music as a group to pursue solo projects

Looking back, the announcement wasn’t surprising — BTS spent the last decade living and making music together, so a break to find their own personal sounds and stories was perhaps overdue

Not to mention the fact that BTS may still have to participate in South Korea’s mandatory military service by the time they turn 30

which would keep the band apart for the foreseeable future (Jin, who turns the big 3-0 in December, would be the first member to enlist)

But in the immediate aftermath of the announcement, the news of BTS’s break elicited a kind of hysteria

Hybe’s stocks tanked (this would be BTS’s management company), many observers speculated that the “hiatus” would look like One Direction’s (namely, BTS would never return as a group)

and fans began to plan for their lives without constant updates from the Tannies (some resolved to work on themselves)

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