Taylor Swift Latest Announcement 2022: "My mistakes led to the best things in my life"

After being awarded an honorary doctorate of fine arts, the superstar singer-songwriter offered words of encouragement to students while also reflecting on the highs and lows of her career

Taylor Swift may have released a song celebrating the fun of being 22 years old back in 2012, but now a decade later, she’s still celebrating — only this time with the graduating class of 2022

“I’m 90 percent sure the main reason I’m here is because I have a song called ’22,'” Swift jokingly told students as she delivered the New York University commencement speech at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday after being awarded an honorary doctorate of fine arts

Swift received her doctorate from Jason King, chair of the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

“Last time I was in a stadium this size, I was dancing in heels and wearing a glittery leotard. This outfit is much more comfortable,” she quipped

Throughout her speech, Swift offered words of encouragement to students as they embarked on the next chapter of their lives while also acknowledging the unconditional support loved ones may have offered along the way

Despite her motivational words, Swift couldn’t help but poke fun at herself, joking that she’s “not the type of doctor you would want around in the case of an emergency

unless your specific emergency was that you desperately needed to hear a song with a catchy hook and an intensely cathartic bridge section. Or if your emergency was that you needed a person who can name over 50 breeds of cats in one minute.”

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