The Dropout Movie Review 2022: Another Mind-Blowing Portrait of a Great American Fraudster

We barely had time to breathe after the whirlwind romance of Anna Inventing Anna, the story of super-grifter Anna Sorokin

who transformed an innate understanding of upper-class etiquette into a life of abundance among New York’s wealthy elite

Now we have The Dropout (Disney+), the story of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the medical company Theranos, the other great female fraudster of recent years

It claims it has developed technology that will revolutionize blood testing, and with it it is a large part of the US healthcare system

In 2015, Forbes named Holmes the youngest self-made female billionaire in the country, when Theranos was worth $9bn (£6.75bn)

Once rumors of a fraud began to spread, his downfall was accelerated

He is now out on bail awaiting sentencing for wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud

Unlike Inventing Anna, who was a heady, soapy mob who enjoyed the glamor of her protagonist, and wasn’t too bothered by any need to investigate her motivations

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