The ultimate movie guide for different moods on Valentine’s Day

On Feb.14, Valentine’s Day will be celebrated worldwide. Regardless of your relationship status, there are several ways to celebrate with loved ones

For victims of the New England winter, movies are the best way to celebrate indoors

Here are some suggested movies for different moods on Valentine’s Day

Before Valentine’s Day, we must remember Galentine’s Day: a day for female friendships celebrated on Feb. 13

If you and your girl friends are looking for a romantic comedy movie, I suggest “The Other Woman.”

When a woman from Connecticut discovers her husband is cheating on her with another woman from New York City, the wife befriends the mistress, and they scheme to torment the husband

The 2014 rom-com starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton is filled with funny revenge plans and themes of girl power. Nicki Minaj also plays a funny side character in the film.

“The Other Woman” is an easy-to-watch movie and great for you or the friend who just got out of a relationship

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