Tackles the mess of adolescence with refreshing honesty – How

Three years ago, writer-director Domi Shea won an Oscar for her delightful Pixar animated short, Bao

In telling the sweet and surreal story of a Chinese Canadian mother and a bubbly dumpling coming to life, it captured something funny and poignant about the cultural and generational differences that can divide Asian immigrant families

With her debut feature, Turning Red, Shi delves further into the complexities of the Asian parent-child relationship – and this time, she comes with even more conceit

If you lump Carrie and The Joy Luck Club together, and somehow still get away with a PG rating, this is what this movie might sound like

The story is set in the early 2000s, and follows a 13-year-old girl named Meilin Lee, voiced by Rosalie Chiang, living in Toronto’s Chinatown

Mei is an obedient overachiever, a straightforward student who spends her free time helping her parents run a temple built to honor their Chinese ancestors

While Mei’s father is shy and mostly out of the way, her mother, Ming – a terrifying Sandra Oh – is attentive to the domineering talk

In addition to being highly involved in Mei’s studies, Ming strictly controls her daughter’s social life, in the hope that she will not be too influenced by Western methods

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