‘Under The Banner Of Heaven’ Big Updates & Review: Andrew Garfield & Daisy Edgar-Jones Star In Dustin Lance Black’s Mormon Detective Thriller

FX/Hulu's big play for Emmy glory in this incredibly crowded season is an adaptation of John Krakauer's classic 2003 book, "Under the Banner of Heaven,"

Which is a historical analysis of the history of Mormonism after a brutal murder in this country. The case has been prepared with dissection. In the state of Utah since 1984

While the book contained references to the history of the origins of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints and how it changed into the mindset of the fundamentalist sect of Mormonism

Which led Ron and Dan Lafferty to commit brutal murders, the show initially looks like it wants to be a "true detective" and less Ken Burns, improving in the third and fourth episodes as it compares to a typical murder. Becomes more about a broken community

Still, it's a program that sometimes gets lost between its thoughts—the foundation of this belief awkwardly turns the flashback into a story that feels like it wants to be a crime drama

Fortunately, a stellar ensemble holds the project together, but this is one of those multi-episode series that could be a spectacular 120-minute film and spread it over a season. It is becoming an epidemic

Subsequent episodes would be directed by Isabel Sandoval ("Lingua Franca") — directed by David Mackenzie ("Hell or High Water") and Courtney Hunt ("Frozen River") — and written by Dustin Lance Black ("Milk")

In "Under the Banner of Heaven," Oscar nominee and everyone's favorite Spider-Man Andrew Garfield stars as detective Jeb Peyre who is summoned to a crime scene one night that will change his life forever

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