Vince McMahon News 2022: Vince McMahon Steps Aside as WWE CEO as Board Probes Alleged Misconduct

Stephanie McMahon named in-between time CEO and administrator of wrestling amusement organization

Vince McMahon has "deliberately ventured back" from his obligations as WWE CEO

what's more, administrator while the directorate examines cases of unfortunate behavior against the executive, the organization said Friday

The leading group of WWE has sent off an examination concerning charges that McMahon offered a $3 million settlement to a previous female worker with whom he engaged in extramarital relations, as per a definite analytical report Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal

WWE said Stephanie McMahon, Vince's little girl, will expect the job of interval CEO and in-between time executive

She returns to the organization after last month reporting a time away as WWE's central image official to "center around my loved ones."

Vince McMahon will hold his job and obligations connected with WWE's inventive substance during the examination and stays "focused on helping out the audit in progress," the organization said Friday

The board likewise is researching affirmed unfortunate behavior by John Laurinaitis, WWE's head of ability relations

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