What does caulk mean as viral word game choice leaves players stumped

Five letters, six efforts, one word - your morning experience on viral game Wordle can make or break your day

Today though, the nation is left in tatters - here's what the brutal word 'caulk' means

Wordle has taken the UK by storm, revolutionising the country’s return to commuting and breeding newfound competition between generations on the family group chat

Some days can feel like a walk in the park, a gentle mental warm-up that helps get the cogs working and blows away the cobwebs from last night’s glass of wine

Today that isn’t the case. Today was brutal - a cruel reminder of just how nasty the English language can be

ccording to the revered Cambridge dictionary, caulk, a noun, is defined as: “A substance used for filling in the gaps around the edge of something, for example a bath or shower.”

Similarly, the ever-popular Collins Dictionary provides a definition for the word in the form of a transitive verb. It says

“If you caulk something such as a boat, you fill small cracks in its surface in order to prevent it from leaking.

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