Windfall Movie Review 2022: 'Windfall' is a satisfying, well-acted thriller that lives up to its clever premise

Windfall is not shy about its aspirations to be a throwback. The opening titles come up over a static shot of a curtain blowing across one open French door off the courtyard of a luxury home

They come in an art deco font — and when they reach the word Windfall, it's in quotation marks and accompanied by a sudden, tense chord

The quotation marks are right out of Casablanca or The Wizard of Oz, and that crashing chord over the title recalls the openings of Hitchcock movies including Vertigo and Dial M for Murder

The film is directed by Charlie McDowell — who got solid notices for The One I Love — from a story credited to McDowell, Justin Lader and Jason Segel, with a screenplay by Lader and Andrew Kevin Walker

The great majority of the film concerns three people, none of whom are given names. They are credited as Nobody (Segel), CEO (Jesse Plemons) and Wife (Lily Collins)

Nobody has broken into CEO and Wife's vacation house, and he's about to get away when they unexpectedly arrive

I will tell you as much about the setup as the trailer reveals: These people all wind up stuck in the house together, because Nobody never intended to hurt anyone

But he isn't willing to get caught, either, so he can't let CEO and Wife leave or call the police. He's willing to scram and let them go if they give him enough money

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