Young Thug Today Updates 2022: Young Thug Is a Superstar Doing Superstar Things at SXSW

Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion took place on Thursday in Spicewood, Texas — but back in Austin, SXSW was still chugging along, showcasing a variety of acts (and food). From Young Thug to Danielle Ponder, here are our highlights

Young Thug - The last time SXSW held an in-person festival, the Waterloo Park at Moody Amphitheater did not exist

The outdoor venue is part of Austin’s plan to replace the outdated institution the Frank Erwin Center — and given its newness, it can’t help but feel a little like a satellite orbiting the center of Austin’s downtown during the festival

All of which makes it a good fit for Young Thug, the consistently trend-setting rapper who may be the biggest current hitmaker playing the event

Appearing at an event sponsored by Samsung and Billboard, Young Thug benefitted from the association of SXSW without necessarily feeling like part of the broader event; the crowd was either there for him, or they were here to party on St. Patrick’s Day

Prior to his arrival, Gunna performed a focused, fiery set — the kind of performance that threatens to eclipse a headliner. But Young Thug made sure that didn’t happen, prowling the stage with casual authority

He wasn’t attempting to win the crowd, he assumed they were with him already. His assumption was generally correct, as the audience followed his ebb and flow, rallying when the tempo escalated, chilling when it settled into a groove

They were ready to heed a call and response, but they weren’t going to push Young Thug anywhere he didn’t want to go. Like a superstar, he ended the proceedings on his own terms, ending the set a full half hour ahead of schedule

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